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Hard Disc Drive is running 20% slower?

Yea, I just got an HDD error... The HDD is running slower than it is supposed to...literally, as an recovery fixing program said. (not those things that pops while on certain sites... I'm not falling for these things) A window for error recovery automaticaly poped in. It fixed some things...but not the problems related to the slow running. (in the errors fixed:CPU heating up(for no reason), system32 error,...) Just before the error happened, some Trojans were caught by Mcafee (the anti-virus said it taken care of them) (And no, I didn't go watch porn...I watch it on my Ipod touch...) I'm currently doing some diagnostic things, in the Boot start-up menu. My tower PC is the "Dell Studio XPS"(I don't remember the numbers...but it's the Studio XPS with black face and top, white sides and red contoures...) The CPUs are i-7 930 or 920. Yea, so, I really wonder what I coupd do to fix the problem... With out losing about 700Gb of game, work and video data... Before I bought my PC, I read some reviews that said that people had some problems wih the PC... But I thought I wouldn't get it... I recieved my PC in March 2011, if I remember well...
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