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Disk error...Press any key to restart

Just out of warranty, I now get the message "Disk error / Press any key to restart" on a black screen whenever I power up my XPS 9100 after being shutdown overnight. Pressing any key does indeed restart the boot process and all proceeds well for the remainder of the day. I have run all the tests (from the Dell PC CheckUp software) and the drive passes them all. (Seagate 1.5TB ST31500341AS drive). Could this be the start of something bigger?. Any thoughts much appreciated....

(XPS 9100, Intel i7 930$2.8, 12GB, Win 7 Home Prem 64)

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Re: Disk error...Press any key to restart

Hi JamesSWood,

First, I assume you've got everything backed up, right?

My suggestion would be to run the Dell diagnostics from your Dell drivers and utilities disc. Run the custom test, which allows you to test just the hard drive. This removes the OS from the equation.

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