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SDD & no AHCI (supposedly??) Will it work - pls help? (Studio 540)

I have a Dell 540 Studio, with the latest BIOS. (Motherboard: 0M017G A00) 

I just bought a Corsair Force3 120gb SSD to use as a primary drive together with data storage on the existing SATA HDD (WD 640gb 7200rpm). 

I have not connected it up yet, but some forums seem to indicate there is no AHCI option on this motherboard / BIOS

Will a SSD work, & if so what option do I need to select, assuming there is no AHCI? I assumed my motherboard would have this option.

Or can I enebale AHCI through Windows drivers / registry tweaks? (or is this needed in addition to enabling it in the BIOS?

Or am I wasting my time with an SSD on this system?

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