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Latitude E5420 Killing SSDs

My Latitude E5420 Purchased in December 2011 killed the first SSD right before my warranty was up (less than one year). It wouldn't register a boot device and hd would not show up in bios. Now it seems like it is happening again with the replacement drive they sent only 7 months ago! The last few days I had several   blue screen shutdowns followed by no boot device messages. Dell Diagnostics on bootup showed no lcd cable (always does) and then error code 2000:0142 for the hard drive.  I pulled the battery and brought it into the office today and everything is working fine? No issues showing in diagnostics, and the s.m.a.r.t data looks ok though all attributes show pre-failure as the type.

This laptop is used in an office setting usually hooked up to a docking station for mainly office applications (no gaming, video rendering, etc.) so isn't under heavy strain. Is anyone else having issues like this? We have 5 or 6 of these same laptops in our office so hopefully this is just a fluke.  A decent business unit should certainly last longer than 1.5+ years before needing two new drives. We will have to look at other options for our future needs if this is the reliability we can expect. This is too bad because all in all it was a good laptop, just has one very major flaw.


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