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DVD Drive replacement

So my Dell Inspiron 7520 dvd drive failed about two months after the laptop's warranty ended  and i can't find anywhere where I could get a replacement from the internet that isn't from eBay. So has anyone got any ideas where I could get one from?

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Re: DVD Drive replacement

It's just  a standard SATA DVD drive -- slimline, notebook format.

Re: DVD Drive replacement

Hi The_Quacken,

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Did you get any error message or  run the diagnostics to confirm that the optical drive has failed? Sometimes updating the optical drive firmware or running the Microsoft Fix-It CD/DVD troubleshooter helps resolve issues with optical drives.

Please click on the link below to troubleshoot Optical Drive issues:

If  hardware failure is confirmed after running diagnostics, then you may contact our Expired Warranty Support at the link below since the system is out of warranty:

If you wish to purchase the part from Dell, you can click on the link below, enter your Service tag and locate the compatible part for your computer.

Please feel free to contact us in case of further queries. We would be happy to help.

Thanks and regards,
Babita S

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