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RE: PLDS DH-16ABS and HL-DT-ST CH20N issues

After trying ImgBurn (nice product, but you their website is a mine field of ads) I think I'm convinced the drives work and this is user error.  The step I was missing was formatting the disk before doing anything.  I had assumed that Windows would have prompted me along the lines of "hey, looks like a disk, if this is the first time you are using it, click here to format and continue"  Ah well.  Poor Windows errors and bad user 😞

Thanks so much again for responding and sticking with me!  Not sure if you get kickbacks from Dell osprey4 but you should! 🙂

(btw - just bought my 12yo a Honda GX200 to tear down and rebuild as a GoKart engine... I have a while to go for the empty nest 🙂

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