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HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GS20N A110 and Windows 10 Build 1607

The DVD is original equipment on a Dell M6400 Precision Workstation and quit working after upgrading to Windows 10. Funny thing, on original in-place upgrade of Windows 10, the DVD worked, I assume using the previous driver. But since then with all the monkey madness Microsoft has pulled with rolling back to previous builds of Windows 10 and doing a complete reinstall of the older build, the driver is now gone and Windows doesn't recognize the DVD.

I tried updating to the latest firmware GS20N-Win7-A110 but as you would guess, not helping when running Windows 10. Clearly Windows 10 provides a driver, but it's just not working. So far no search has produced results and after seeing some solutions here with other models of DVD writers, was hoping I could get some answers that point me towards a solution.

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