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Bitlocked SSD in XPS 13 won't reformat


The company I work for lost the BitLocker key for a few of their laptops and a recent Windows update somehow prevented Windows from booting correctly (infinite boot animation, like this). When it does occasionally boot it asks for the BitLocker key.

We have resigned ourselves to the fact that we have lost all data on the SSD then, so have attempted multiple times to reformat the drive. If I do it with Windows 10 install USB drive, it claims to reformat the SSD successfully after working for 10 minutes. Then when I proceed to Windows install it stays at 0% for around 5 minutes then gives a 0x80070057 error. Google doesn't help much there.

Trying to format format with Linux distros shows other problems; I can delete the partitions, formatting them gives various errors and rebooting shows the drive unchanged! All partitions still there!

Please help me someone.

Technical specs:
Drive model XXM30 (256 GB)
Laptop model L322X

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RE: Bitlocked SSD in XPS 13 won't reformat

Hi anelbow,

Thanks for posting.

Have you tried the information in this post from Microsoft?

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