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RE: Experience with System Center Update Provider from Dell and BIOS

"I checked with our team - they shouldn't be there - check to see if those old bios appear in SCUP - if they are in SCUP, check to see that Expire=True - once Expire=true, you can re-publish updates to wsus, then run your synch in ConfigMgr - that should make them disappear.

One small example from my SCCM server, there are 3 Lattitude E5500 BIOS: A11, A13, A15 all not expired. Looking at the SCUP catalog I see just 2 of these listed: A13, A15 and both are not expired. A11 does not exist in SCUP. So I'm trying to understand the process: It appears that Dell only keeps the last two versions in the catalog. And it would be my responsibility to set A13 to expired now before Dell releases the next BIOS version because it will be removed from the catalog? Or is there some other method to know when the old BIOS is going to be removed from SCUP?
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