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RE: Experience with System Center Update Provider from Dell and BIOS

dave787 - Howdy I work on the same team as Greg and have been working with SCUP as well. Our SCUP catalog has BIOS revs for A09, A11 and A13 and A15. Now I can export out the model and BIOS version for the ones your missing from our catalog - I suspect we have them in SCUP as we have been importing legacy catalogs from SCUP for quite awhile now - The next step from there is to import them into SCUP flag them as expired and then synch with your SCCM SUP - In theory it should expire them as well on the SCCM side. They key here to getting a SCUP update properly synched is that the update unique id must match otherwsie SCCM SUP is going to believe its another update - SO with that said you'll need to confirm that the update you have in SCCM unique id matches up with the update unique id of the update in SCUP.

And Im trying to understand why you would have the BIOS in SCCM SUP and not SCUP - Unless you upgraded SCUP from another version - I know the upgrade from 3.5 to 4.0 did nasty things to ones SCUP database - So is this the case? Or some other scenario (i.e. Test SCUP replaced by another SCUP install).

You can email me directly and Ill get the E5500 BIOS cab to you so you can give that a try.
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