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RE: SCCM : M6x00 : Impossible to apply OS Windows on Disk1

Ok we removed disk 0 that was the problem. The mSATA drive was awarded "Disk 0" and that to work. We were able for the first time to install Windows on the mSATA SSD by removing disk (Disk 0 at the origin).

The hardware detection dynamically attibut tags Disk 0, 1, 2, etc. The problem when you install Windows on the mSATA then considered Disk 1. SCCM, does not support installing Windows on a disk 1, only on a disk 0 - Unlike the 2012 MDT solution.

Conclusion The problem is not hardware, but software. Including SCCM bug! We are opening an incident at Microsoft

But have you ever encountered this problem ?


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