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ThunderBolt TB16 dock installation fails - 7280, 7480, 5520

Anyone have success configuring the TB16 dock when using the Enterprise cabs for the 7280, 7480 and 5520 cab files provided? 

I am seeing issues with non working USB ports and no networking.  Using A01 cab released on 3/14

I think there are issues when the drivers are provided and installed during OS setup that conflicts with attempting to connect the TB16 dock later on.

I also attempted to use Dell Command Update but that failed to produce working results.  It installed all of the drivers but failed to produce a working connection to the TB16 dock. 

I finally got the dock to work by removing the cab file from the OS installation and installing windows.  Then following the 9 step process outlined here:


Btw, the WD15 USBC dock works well.

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