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Re: PS4100 in RAID 6 with 3 disk drives failed


I see at the support site, Dell recommends Storage Update Manager for updating firmware.
We are using EqualLogic Group Manager. Can this be used?

We are at version 5.1.2 on the controller firmware.
Current looks to be 10.0.
Is there a recommended process to get from 5.1.2 to 10.0?

We also have disk drives showing different REVs
CE0B, CN04, FN65.
The drives are model ST9300605SS but I am not sure of the manufacturer.
The Dell support site has “Recommended PS Series Hard Disk Drive Firmware” – 11.0
I can’t tell from the “Drive Firmware Update Utility” if this is ok to use on all of the
drives or only certain ones and if I should use Group Manager?



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