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Re: Configuring new member in existing Group


 That new member, are those 10K or 15K RPM drives?  

  If so you might want to put that in its own pool instead. 

  1.)  When in the same pool the data will be striped between the members in proportion to their relative sizes. So the larger member will hold more of each volume data in your case. 

  2.) If one member in that pool goes down, all the volumes in common will go offline until the failed member is restored. 

  3.)  If you are mixing drive speeds you might do better focusing the critical volumes on that member.  Depending on IO requirements possibly use RAID10. 

 You will at some point soon want to upgrade the original member to 10.0.2. as well. 

 If you do decide to move it to the default pool,  the process will show completed very quickly.  In the background the data will be distributed to the new member. 




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