Re: How to properly unpresent/remove LUN from Vmware.

This nice thing about deleting the datastore in ESX is just a cleaner way of doing it.  You're removing the datastore from the SQL database.  As opposed to just yanking it out from underneath the servers.

 The way I use is:

1.)  Move any VMs

2.)  Delete the datastore in the VCS GUI

3.)  Refresh the storage views in the ESX servers.  

        To make sure they have updated info that the datastore is no longer there.

4.)  offline the volume in the EQL GUI.  

5.)  Rescan the storage adapters on the ESX servers.

6.)  Delete the volume in the EQL GUI

If you don't offline it at least first, then the static mappings on each ESX server will constantly attempt to re-login to that volume until the ESX servers are rebooted.


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