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PS4000 Equallogic CSV speeds

I'm pretty new to SANs so bear with me.  We just got an Equallogic PS4000X with 2 R710 Poweredge servers with the intention of clustering the servers using them for Hyper-v implementation.   The R710s are running Windows 2008 R2 Core...clustered with the Equallogic (Raid 10 with SAS drives) through 2 stacked Dell 6224 switches.  2 iscsi ports per server and using the Dell HITKIT 3.4.2.    We created 1 - 500GB volume and set it as a Cluster Shared Volume and a 100GB volume and did not set it as a CSV...just using it as a basic failover volume.    We then set up 2 VMs (Win 2008 R2 standard with nothing loaded...only joined to domain) with the VHD files on the CSV volume and one with the files on the standard volume...both on the same host, both using same virtual NIC. 

 The issue we're seeing is with file copies to and from the server that's on the CSV.  From a PC or server on our domain....copying files to the server that's on the standard volume results in about 100 - 110 MB/s speeds.  Copying files to and from the CSV VM server results in about 25 - 30 MB/s.  So far support is telling me this is "normal"....but I'm having a hard time believing that.  Before I ditch CSV altogether (I can't see hosting any servers...file servers or application servers...with these kinds of speeds)....can anyone tell me if this is in fact normal behavior??  

What I've tried:  Enabled jumbo frames on switches, nics and servers, enabled flow control on the switches, turned off STP, changed the NIC bindings on the servers, disabled "File and Print sharing" on the iScsi nics. 

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