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Hi, I'm Joe with Dell EqualLogic.  Not sure if you had a chance to review the following: (Deploying Microsoft® Hyper-V™ with Dell EqualLogic™ PS Series Arrays)

And the FAQ:

In the deployment gride, in Table 3, it lists the following: "Best practice recommendation requires additional adapters on each server in the cluster for CSV related traffic", and in the FAQ there is a link to the Microsoft validation wizard.

I think your problem relates to the "bandwidth" and not the array. In the guide I referrenced, it clearly states  the following:

The Hyper-V™ server should have two or more network adapters depending on the use cases for the NICs. One dedicated NIC should be configured for remote management of the physical server and one or more NICs should be configured for virtual network traffic. Additional network adapters will be required when connecting to iSCSI SAN volumes and Failover Clusters including a dedicated NIC for VM Live Migration if using CSVs.

After reviewing this informaion, please post any other question you might have.




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