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RE: VGA on Dell Precision T1700

Hello and thank you for reply.  Just for curiosity´s sake:

1. If the built-in VGA port is disabled why build a PC with a VGA port and then disable it?

2. I just checked the BIOS --> Video Settings --> and I have the following:

  • Automatic
  • VGA
  • NVIDIA Quadro.

Right now is set on automatic and it works only via DVI. If I connect the monitor via VGA cable, the PC doesn't pick-up the VGA port. I also tried to change it to VGA, but still without any luck.

3. Technically speaking, if the VGA port can't be enabled/disabled from the BIOS, how the VGA port present on the motherboard was disabled?

This is not a rant, I'm glad that I bought a Dell PC but the questions from above are bothering me and, since the PC has a warranty, I just want to understand if the VGA OUT is really disabled or doesn't work because is broke. I paid 1000 euros for this PC and I live in a country where the minimum wage is 350 euros. I hope you understand my concerns. Thank you.

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