Upgrade for Inspiron 3847...CPU, PSU and Graphics Card Success

I just finished Upgrading The CPU to the Intel Core I7 4790K LGA1150 and works Great. Just make sure if you do this install yourself you apply Thermal Paste Between Processor and Heat Sink/CPU Fan Assembly. I used Artic Silver 5 and performing Great. I would advise to do some research possibly on Youtube for Specific Details for this Process. The CS750M Power Supply does work for this Model with no issues at all. Also The Geforce GTX 750 TI does fit...Just barely and works great as well. Does not Require an additional power supply for the card, since the PCI is powering it. Make sure you go to the Dell Support and make sure your Bios has the latest Update. I had no Issues whatsoever in installing these 3 Hardware Items. Just Take your time & it will work!!!!

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