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Ahci port and no boot device error


About 2 months back my pc started suddently showing a blue screen (for about 1~2 secs so i cant read it) and then showing a black screen saying:

no boot device available

Sata1: installed

Sata2: installed

Sata3: none

Sata4: none

Then i restarted it and after starting windows it showed a message saying ahci port0 device error

Press f2 to resume

I pressed f2

Went to a screen saying cmos setup utility 1985-2005 and most times esc and enter and the pc was working fine

Yssterday the blue screen started showing up 1-5 mins after i start the pc. (It works fine till it crashes). I changed both the sata cable for the hard drive but nothing changed... Also i tried ghe other sata ports in the mother board. The only thing that changed was the error it showed me after starting windows. For sata port 1 was ahci port 0 error, for sata port 2 was ahci port 1 error etc.. Can somebody tell me what can i do?

I have windows 7 and the dell xps 8100 studio

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