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RE: XPS 8900 freezing

I removed the 16GB of new RAM and ran the factory 1TB HDD with Windows 10 and it froze again. This was using the factory usb mouse/keyboard, nothing else connected to it.

I then did a clean install of windows 10 on the SSD wiping everything today. I still get a few warnings and PCI Boot express errors, so I'm trying to rectify each issue. I have finished installing all the newest drivers for Win1 10 Home 64 bit. I also disabled power management for PCI under device manager and have disabled sleep mode for the computer. So now back to the waiting game for this to freeze...

As for Windows 7, I have my own personal copy, which is what I was using on my other computers before upgrading to Windows 10. I wasn't trying to downgrade from 10 at all, just do a clean install to 7. But Windows 7 will wait until I can verify the freezes still occur daily with this fresh install of 10.


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