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RE: XPS 8900 freezing

One single video output/display, when it was freezing it didn't matter if using dvi or hdmi, nvidia or onboard graphics

No office, closest thing would be money sunset

No bluetooth speakers

Initially was using logitech solar keyboard and old wireless logitech mouse shared on one unifying receiver(these work perfectly on any other computer in the house), but after hearing a POSSIBILITY of these causing issues only with this computer I went ahead and used the factory usb mouse and keyboard. But none of this mattered as it froze on either setup.

But how about an update with the current status of my 8900 running windows 7 home premium 64 bit on my samsung ssd? It's been 24ish hours now and still going strong on the desktop. I have kept sleep mode disabled for these tests but it hasn't frozen since I disabled some options under Performance in the BIOS.

Dell was supposed to call today and I'm going to tell them what I've found, but I'm not restarting this computer any time soon. If I can keep it running nonstop for another day or two then I believe it was one or multiple settings in BIOS that was affecting this stupid computer.

I'm keeping fingers crossed...and if it does last a couple more days I'll attempt to run the factory hdd with windows 10 on it and repeat the test for a few days. Win10 was having the same randoms freezing, but as I mentioned in my findings, might be due to a bios setting.

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