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Optiplex 3040 cctk BIOS settings WoL

Recently deployed xx number of OP3040 machines. Obviously WoL is a must. Default BIOS setup does not have it enabled, but using cctk from Dell Client Command Suite makes it easy during SCCM deployment (Win 7 x64)

So I have exported .exe with all required WoL settings (inc deepsleep DISABLE) and BIOS system password set.

Exe runs fine in Task Sequence, all settings get applied, but NOT activated.

At this point I can power off Windows, restart, power off again, WoL is NOT active (yet the deepsleep is definitely set to disable)

All I needed to do on EACH machine:

F2 get to BIOS

type password


I did NOT apply anything, I did not make any other changes (just in & out)

Instantly WoL started working correctly

Surely that is a but in either cctk and/or latest BIOS for OP 3040?

Anybody else noticed?


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