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PSU Upgrade I3847 i3

I wish to use a Graphic / Video Card that needs min 300W with +12 Volt current rating of 18A. The current PSU is 300W but only +12v @ 17A.  The video card will not power up. I have tried.

I cannot find specifically in the manuals if the current PSU is ATX12V or EPS12V. Since it's a desktop, I would expect ATX12V.  However, I found a post on Dell forums that state the I3847 i7 has an EPS12V 300W PSU. This may be due to the i7 though. I have also read that the PSU can be upgraded, and also cannot be upgraded due to OEM MB specs.

I believe this is the correct chassis number (FG1JH, ASSEMBLY, CHASSIS, PWA INTEGRATED, W/B-B, NON PFC, 3847). I know I need to verify any replacement fits the space.

I am looking at a VisionTek 500W that has +12V @ 20A rail 1 and 2 or Thermaltake 430W that has +12V @ 18A rail 1 and +12V @ 17A rail 2.  My graphics card does not need the additional +12V so either will work. I like the idea of having the little extra boost from the VisionTek though.

I wish to ensure two things before purchasing another PSU.

1) An ATX12V PSU will work, though most seem to be dual ATX12v / EPS12v anyway.

2) There is nothing special about the MB that prohibits upgrading the PSU.

TIA for any help.


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