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Dell precision t3500 beep codes, green light, no display

I just got a t3500 from work last week and got some ram sticks and a hdd for it, and its all fully put together now, but when i power it up i get these beep codes and status light

1 long beep
3 normal beeps
waits 1 sec
2 normal beeps

diagnostic light

1 = solid green
2 = off
3 = off
4 = off


It leads to no display at all, i am using a displayport to hdmi cable, and tried both ports.

dell precision t3500
cpu: xeon 5600 series
ram: KINGSTON 8GB 2x4GB DDR3 PC3 10600R 1333MHz 240pin ECC
gpu: ATI FireMV V2260
hdd: wd 1tb 
psu: as it comes

any ideas why no display???

the beep code is:
1-3-2 =1st 64 K RAM test in progress or failure

diagnostic light: 

1- Solid 2- Off 3- Off 4- Off



Memory subsystem configuration activity is in progress. No memory modules were detected.

possible ram incompatibility or dimm slots playing up??

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