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Thanks for writing to us. 

XPS 8300 is not tested for Windows 10, but you can try these steps, it may or may not work. 

Use the standard Start Menu > Power > Shutdown, you may think your computer is totally shut down, but it is not. Windows 10 can perform various maintenance functions while your computer is in this supposed "shutdown state". If your laptop is off AC power during this period, you will definitely notice a drain in the battery. One option you can use is to set up a desktop shortcut for a full shutdown. It should contain the following:

       shutdown /s /t 0

That is "shutdown" space "/s" space "/t" space "0" [zero]. The zero indicates the number of seconds to wait before shutdown.

From what I understand, when you click on any of the shutdown links, the computer goes into what is known as a "hybrid" shutdown, not a full shutdown. It saves information from your current login and allows you to start up faster the next time you turn on your computer (known as "fast startup"). The other complication is the "automatic maintenance" that Windows 10 has set up. This has an option to wake up your computer to perform this maintenance. There is a good article on this here for turning that off:

The other option would be to shut off "fast startup". This should then allow a full shutdown.

The steps are provided by one of Dell users on forum, it worked for few though. 


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