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RE: XPS8300 Continuous power cycle on start


I'm with same issue and I think is not about OS

I already tried with W7 and W10

I have already tried to update the BIOS in versions A11 and A16

I've also tried switching the power supply and nothing

I tried BIOS power management options like C State among others

I did a visual check and there are no damaged components or capacitors stuffed

My computer is a T5500, but I am responding in this post as it was the one that best described the problem, but in other web searches, I realized that this problem hits several Dell models

I would be grateful if this problem was resolved, I really like this computer (and I do not have the money to invest in another one at the moment) and I have always chosen Dell for its technical support efficiency, but unfortunately I do not have a support plan and honestly I do not want to discard a great computer without a plausible answer about what happens to it



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