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RE: OptiPlex 3040 micro, dual monitors using HDMI and DP ports, DP connection unreliable

I need to know the answer to this as well, Chris, and it would be particularly helpful to know that Dell does in fact intend that these computers support 2 monitors out of the box, and what the recommended cabling and settings are. I don't see ANY instructions available on this and since this is my first Dell that does not have a VGA connector to fall back on, this really has to work or I've got to return it. Hope to see an authoritative and conclusive post here.

[Edit:] I just looked up "Features and Design" of the Optiplex 3040 and here's something I found:

Small Form Factor Ports & Slots:
6.Natively supports 1 digital video output ( DP and HDMI ) | 7.Optional VGA

and Mini Tower Ports & Slots:
6.Natively supports 2 digital video outputs (DP and HDMI) | 7. Optional VGA

Am I reading this right? That the SFF is not in fact designed to support 2 video outputs? I'm not going to verbalize the comments that are going through my head, I just hope to get the correct answer here.