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RE: OptiPlex 3040 micro, dual monitors using HDMI and DP ports, DP connection unreliable

I've been trying to get a small form factor to work with 2 displays innately (without a usb video adapter) for the past few days now and nothing I've tried has worked, I had a fellow tech tell me he got it to work but he has not been able to reproduce it.

I can't tell you how frustrating this has been, why on earth would any computer shipping in the year 2016 not support 2 monitors innately ?

"Am I reading this right? That the SFF is not in fact designed to support 2 video outputs? I'm not going to verbalize the comments that are going through my head, I just hope to get the correct answer here. "

I  Just registered my account to agree with you k9gardner.

If any Dell representatives would like to give us an official answer, it would be very much appreciated.

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