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RE: Dell t5500 workstation diagnostics lights 2 3 4 blinking no display

No debris or bent pin on cpu socket.

It was working fine earlier except that it would hangs randomly in wondowsWindows.  (memory and  processor and hdd were ok).  It would also hang in memtest86 with 48gb ram on test. All rams were ok.

So using infrared thermometer gm550 I noted that the heatsinks near the cdrom which could be for chipset recorded temperature of 62-63 °C at the time of hanging.

Also the other heatsink near second cpu would also register high temperature of 60.

I bought one unit from a broker who bough a whole lot from a company  that upgraded all their systems in data center.  These were placed in properly cooled rooms and working fine there.

So I removed all power cords from system and applied some readily available no name heat compound to both chips having heatsinks.   And system was perfect now no issue for two weeks or so no..  

The I ordered some Chinese heat compounds gd900 and halnziye hy880.

Now this time I forgot to remove the power cord from pc.

System was powered off but there was electric supply to psu and hence board.

As soon as I pressed on the lever for the heatsink near the cdrom the system turned on. I immediately removed power cord and touched the chip to feel it's temperature.. It was cool as everything there. (the system was on without heatsinks on that chip for may be 3 -  4 seconds).

Then I applied thermal grease and reapplied the heatsink and tried to boot it and I was getting this problem.

Nothing was shorted out.  No metal touched any part on motherboard. I very carefully pushed the lever down and it popped out.

I Had removed the riser card from it when Ibought it and was using it on single cpu mode.

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