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RE: Question about replacing Inspiron 530 MOBO

G33M03 is probably just a newer revision of the 02 board. Both the 02 and 03 boards are offered, for example, here for the Inspiron 530. So I don't see problems using an 03 board.

I have no idea what differences there are between these revisions. Maybe somebody else can answer that question.

According to the specs, the 530 board supports:

Intel® Core2 Quad processor

Intel® Core2 Duo processor

Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core processor

It doesn't say exactly which processors are supported in each category. So -at minimum- make sure the motherboard has the latest version of BIOS before you upgrade to a quad processor, since Dell may add new processor support to BIOS from time to time, but not always. And even with the latest BIOS, it may not support the specific quad you want to use...

The max RAM listed is 4 GB. But that's probably the most Dell qualified for this board. It may or not support more RAM. You can look around to see if others have successfully installed more than 4 GB.

Keep in mind you'll need a 64-bit OS in order to use more than 4 GB. So you'd have to buy a new license from MS for a  64-bit OS if you don't already have a 64-bit license.


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