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RE: DELL VOSTRO 3250 USB not work Legacy mode ko

I found the problem :  in LEGACY MODE  works ONLY with  HDMI cable ,  not  with VGA cable...  

very strange bug

I tried different lcd (dell, samsung) same result the monitor remain black with VGA cable when I switch to legacy mode  (no signal)....and system doesn't boot because there is  a message that indicate a  cmos error (that I cant' see with vga cable - black screen .... )  

technical support is very awful: I opened  the ticket a week ago, today I explain them that   the problem is VGA output with legacy mode and they told me to verify that the monitor is in VGA mode

after a week this is the support??? I'm not stupid.... I know that if use VGA output I need to set lcd with VGA/analogic .....I tried more than one lcd and the lcd are the same that in uefi mode works


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