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RE: T1650: UEFI + Secure Boot enabled: Cannot boot anymore

I did everything as recommended by you! :-)

  1. Power off and unplug
  2. Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
  3. Open case and remove motherboard battery
  4. Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
  5. Reinstall the battery (right-side-up!)
  6. No success!

Tried also the jumper option as described here, without success.

According to some folks CMOS clearing doesn't help when secure boot is enabled, so it probably remains activated. Took the NVS 300 out, hoped to get monitor picture using the built-in VGA slot. Without success: The built-in VGA slot is disabled on T1650. ;-)

I assume, that the Nvidia NVS 300 is not compatible with UEFI + Secure Boot. I probably just need an UEFI (Secure Boot) compatible graphics adapter.

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