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RE: T1650: UEFI + Secure Boot enabled: Cannot boot anymore

A Secure Boot configuration should not stop you from booting into the bios.  It would not allow a boot into an OS but should give you some type of message regarding resetting the Bios options.  But your system is a Workstation so it may be set up differently or the Bios is set up differently.  I ran a GTX 680 on a Secure Boot Asus system before the card got its updated firmware and I had no problem getting into the bios to remove the Secure Boot option.

The Bios update you just did has a comment about an update for incompatible add-in graphics cards.  Perhaps that change is causing the problem.  Your card is Win 10 supported but no mention is made as to its Secure Boot State.

I assume your system does not have the Intel 4000 graphics available.  It should depend on which processor you are using if the system was capable.  The VGA slot is the only one you have on the mainboard and removing the add-in card makes no difference?

Do you have another monitor or an adapter so you could run the signal to a TV?


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