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Reset CMOS - Keyboard unresponsive

Hi all,

First, I have an OEM Dell XPS 8500 (Mfg. Date: July 19, 2012). Specs here.

I have been having issues installing a new GPU, and after some digging around on the internet, I decided to attempt to reset my BIOS/CMOS.

First I tried to remove the CMOS battery, wait, and replace the CMOS battery. That didn't fix my original issue, so I attempted to move the jumper pins around. I made a huge mistake and don't remember what the default jumper-pin settings were. However, I tweaked it around and figured out a way to configure the pins so that the machine turns on (maybe this is the right way?).

My issue now, however, is that when the machine boots it gets past the Dell splash screen where it gives me options: "F2 Setup, F12 Boot Options". After it loads past that, my machine gets stuck on a screen:

"RTC is reset; BIOS Setup Defaults have been loaded. Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility."

At this screen, my machine is completely unresponsive. Striking either F1 or F2 yields no response. My keyboard's lights are on, however I cannot dim the lights (I normally could). Another thing to note is that on the splash screen, pressing F2 or F12 also yields no response.

I am extremely frustrated, extremely upset, and am very grateful for any assistance you all can give.

Thank you for taking the time to help me out.

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