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Dell XPS 8700 not recognizing SSD

Good day everyone!

This is my first post to the forums, as I am a recent Dell convert - Dell monitors, a tower and speakers all make up my new workstation! One thing I wanted to do to improve performance from the get go was to use a solid state drive as a boot drive as well as some storage for some intensive games (like Flight Simulator) and for work. This is the drive I chose:


I did not, however, do as the installation had recommended by connecting it to the USB port with a SATA to USB converter because I had forgotten to buy one, and decided to forego that step and just install it straight in the case, using one of the spare hookups for power for the HDDs and plugging in the SATA cable to the motherboard. The SATA cable I had no issue with, but the cord for the power supply may not be fully plugged in (I heard a click, but the cord is a little short).

I went to go clone the drive with the included Samsung Magician/Data Migration tool and all went well, it only took about 4 minutes to clone the OS (nothing else is installed yet basically). I was hoping that the changes would have turned the SSD into a hard drive/boot drive, but when I turned it back on, the OS was still booting from the old C: drive.

I went inside device manager and the SSD shows, but it's not being recognized by the computer when I go to "My Computer". I am having trouble understanding what I did wrong.

For clarification, I installed a new Samsung SSD and skipped a step doing it. I tried cloning the drive hoping to make it a boot drive, but no dice. Now, the computer isn't recognizing the drive despite being in device manager. Is there any way anyone could chime in and help me out here? Thanks a lot!


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