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RE: Optiplex 3040 with VGA

Setting that to Auto should only make a difference if you have an add-in video card.   Without an add-in card you can set it to either Intel HD Graphics or Auto, but try Intel HD.

Don't know why the adapters aren't working. Is this a brand new PC? Or has it previously worked with any monitor?

Can you borrow a DP or HDMI monitor to see if that works with this PC? That way you can figure out if there's a PC video output problem or an adapter problem.

If it's not a PC problem and you want to keep using the existing VGA monitor, you might considering installing a PCI-e x16 video card with a VGA port.  Might be cheaper than a new monitor. NOTE: this system only supports Half height cards so make sure whatever card you consider meets that specification. And be sure to set BIOS to Auto.


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