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Dell Inspiron 660s and NVIDIA 620 Graphics Card

Based on the research and posts here, I installed the recommended NVidia GeForce GT 620 Low Profile graphics card into my system. However, my system will not release the onboard Intel display adapter. There is no place in the BIOS to disable the display adapter, and my BIOS does not recognize there is an adapter in the PCIe slot. I downloaded and installed the latest graphics driver for Windows 10. My system shows two display adapters (Intel and NVIDIA). I disabled the Intel device in Device Manager, rebooted, but my system still doesn't recognize the new card. I am using the DVI connector because of the low profile configuration.

Odd thing is, when I boot the system, just using the new card, it starts up fine, and then the monitor goes blank. it doesn't recognize a digital signal. I purchased this card (pretty cheap cost) in the hopes of upgrading my DirectX capabilities. My Intel driver will not go beyond 11.1, and I need at least 11.3.

Any ideas?

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