Can I cancel a downgrade from Windows 10 to windows 8?

Hi, recently I've been having a lot of trouble coming from my computer. Every game I tried to play would crash, chrome would crash, just I really hated Windows 10. I got really sick of it so I decided I would downgrade back to windows 8. So in the process, I came to realize that I could not do this without an actual Windows 8 installation disc or usb. So now my computer is stuck on the blue screen of death with the error code 0x000025  meaning I'm missing the disc. I can't find my installation disc for Windows 8 anywhere and its quite expensive for a new one. Is there any possible way I can revert the downgrade? I currently cannot access anything on the computer it's just stuck. I just really need my computer working for school, if anyone can help I'd appreciate it greatly.

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