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RE: Studio XPS 9100 Restart issue

Ok so here goes

The power button wasn't coming on at all on attempting to restart.

Here is where it gets strange.  I was going to run the hardware diagnostic so I could see if there was a hardware issue.  You said this could be a video card driver issue so I decided to update my video card driver.  That installed fine.  Also at the beginning of all this my on board network card had stopped working so I decided to disable it to see if that was causing any issues.  Then I decided to test the restarting again with those two changes and bam the computer would not even boot now.  If I hit the power button it and the dell logo would light up but that's it nothing else would happen.  I was very upset and after calming down I tested the power supply and it was working fine.  Thinking I bricked the pc and with nothing else to try I reset the CMOS by removing the mother board battery and gave it one more shot and it booted up fine.  Not only that but now it seems to restart fine too.  So im not sure what was the problem but I hope it stays working.  

Any ideas?

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