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RE: XPS 8700 - Games stuttering after upgrade

Ok, just guessing at this point.

do you see anything in windoze event logs when the stuttering happens?

Are you using WiFi ( hopefully not for performance reasons).

If you are not using Wifi, so consider disabling the hardware device. I've had some issues with Win10 and the WiFi-BT cards on other Win10 systems.

can you try some stress tests using Cinebench ?

www DOT maxon.net/en/products/cinebench/

If you can reproduce the stuttering with a benchmarking tool it should be easier to isolate the problem than with a game which as many more moving parts.

You can run rending tests on either the CPU or the GPU.

I can compare your results to my non-Dell 4790K / GTX 970.

my 8700s are not at my location so I can't test those right now.

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