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RE: Wake On Lan (WOL) not working on Dell precision tower 5810 with Intel ethernet server adapter i210-t1 at first power up / after no power

Hi there, thanks for all your responses.

I tried different network switches (I'm using a very basic network switch, no vlan or what soever). Waking up other pc's works fine with a magic packet.

Waking up the Dell computers on their onboard (motherboard) network interface works fine too, even after unplugging the mains cable.

The problem only occurs when I use the  i210-t1 PCI-e network interface. And only after a complete power down with unplugging the mains cable. If the computer has been switched on once and shut down (soft) with the power button or windows shutdown, it works.

An automatic power up is not the best solution for us. Sometimes people switch on the power generator of the building over here while they don't need the pc's. Then switch off the generator without switching off the pc's, so the best solution.

For now I'm using the onboard network interface, which works fine.

But still this seems like a bug on the motherboard/firmware or the PCI-e network interface. All deep sleep functions and other power save modes are disabled and WOL does work once the pcs have been switched on once after power disconnect.

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