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Installing SSD as boot drive in XPS 8900

I just read this entire thread and now I'm really confused.  My problem is that I installed a new 850 M2 in the SSD slot in my relatively new 8900.  The drive now shows up in the Windows "device manager" display and also in the Magician software but not in the list in "My computer".  I have run the Samsung Data Migration twice (the 1st one failed for some disk reason, and the 2nd reported as successful), but the display shows no data on the disk (although it shows the total of the 2 passes as having been 'written'. Is some kind of formatting or other setting required to make the disk show up as available in Windows?  I have Acronis, so I could use it to clone the original HDD if the Migration hasn't actually written on the SSD, but I don't exactly know where I am with the disconnect within Windows.  Help!!  

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