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Network drivers for Inspiron 620 say wrong OS (Win 7 but running Win 10)

Hi there

Recently I discovered my Inspiron 620, which was running Win 7 OOTB and in the last couple of years has been upgraded to Win10, could not detect my wireless network at home, or those in the nearby area, yet my phone and tablet are able to connect to them.

I couldn't see anything immediately obvious, and tried re-installing the network drivers off however they're Windows 7 drivers, and complain that they're not designed for this OS (meaning Windows 10).   Will Dell be producing Win10 compatible drivers soon, and in the meantime is there a workaround so that i can get my computer back on the 'net?

It's not a hardware fault as the computer is able to connect to my wireless network if I run Linux off a USB stick plugged into it.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated...



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