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RE: Dell XPS 435t/9000 fluctuating CPU Voltage and Clock Speed

Thank you for your insight!

Im not too concerned about TurboBoost, shouldn't have even mentioned it. Im more concerned about whether or not EIST is somehow causing this fluctuation since im not finding a way to change the setting.  But since you bring up the fact that HWmonitor and CPU-z isnt supported by Dell, I DID get a reading from Intel Extreme Tuning Utility with a constant 3.2 Ghz under my usual load of music production (it fluctuates a bit when idle). I'll have to check XTU again and see if I find EIST enabled.

In comparison to my Dell Latitude i5 2450m 2.6Ghz, I am able to get a constant 2.6 Ghz and a constant voltage even when idle with EIST and C-States disabled (which is what im aiming for). Now this is all according to CPU-z and HWMonitor so I'll do some more comparisons with XTU and even Task Manager when I return home.

Thanks again!

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