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I am very angry about my Dell Inspiron Gamers Addition. (Full discression: Im kind of raging)

I thought it was a great deal when i saw the Dell Indpiron Gamers Edition on the dell store. They advertised that this was a desktop with a great Nividia graphics card (only a GT 730) and a great i5 processor (Only clocks in at 2.7ghz) and that this was a great starting computer for gamers... Only $600 down from $800. They were really selling the idea that you could have a decent computer that would allow you to play the games you love for not too much money, and that youd be able to upgrade the parts when you're ready. BOY WAS THAT <Admin note = Profanity deleted>!

The 2 main qualities barley cut gaming, something i knew at the time, but was ok with, because of course, i could "replace the parts to make it better!" Well this is kinda limited and when i say limited, i mean YOU'RE <Admin note = Profanity deleted> limited. I find out first, that the case is way too small to put in anything bigger than what it already has. So i have to go low profile i guess. but also because the wattage in the power supply is WAY TOO SMALL. and again, i cant replace it because,  of course, the small case. Then we get to the processor, clocking in at 2.7 GHZ? Thats just ridiculous. This i wasn't expecting. There was no detail that this would be THAT BAD. it just said i5 and then i just assumed there wasnt anything shittier than this <Admin note = Profanity deleted>. But again, no details. At best this processor is capable of home use and has NO BUSINESS being in near the word gaming. And when i try to replace it? OH NO I CANT BECAUSE THE CASE IS TOO SMALL FOR A BETTER RADIATOR! Now here i am 6 months later trying to upgrade my PC, finding out i cant do <Admin note = Profanity deleted>. Thanks a lot dell, you really <Admin note = Profanity deleted> me over. im here at home out $600 with no other options. This <Admin note = Profanity deleted>. So this post is kind of exposure, kind of outreach. PLEASE! correct me if im wrong. Tell me Dell really didn't cause this mess. Until i hear otherwise, me and my company will be considering another route. Yep, thats right. i found this deal from a corporate exclusive sale Dell was offering.

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