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Xps 8700 graphics card upgrade

Trying to buy step son a graphics card for his pc . However he doesn't have a clue apparently about what that pc is actually capable of using. He asked for nvida geforce 950 FTW.  Will someone please tell me if it's possible? His current card gt 720. It's a 6 pin we believe.

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RE: Xps 8700 graphics card upgrade

Hi MIowe22

Thanks for writing to us.

The following cards are compatible with XPS 8700

AMD, Radeon R9 270

NVIDIA, GeForce GTX 745

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti

Do provide us the system tag# and also confirm the name the system is registered under. Let us

know the contact number and email address.

Also you contact our part sales team on 1-866-440-3355 for any further info on price.


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RE: Xps 8700 graphics card upgrade

Hi MIowe22,

Dell will only reply with cards they have tested as compatible, and that list is fairly limited.

The XPS 8700 has been shwn to work with a wide variety of GTX graphics cards.

In our family we have had GTX 760, GTX 770, and GTX 970 cards in our 8700s.

Here is a thread with hundreds of posts showing what others ahve done

The key things to succeed are:

1) BIOS A10 is required for an 8700 to work with any of of the GTX 9x0 or 10x0 cards.

   BIOS A11 if you have upgraded to Windoze 10.

2) the Stock Power Supply limits which cards can go in with out a power supply upgrade.

3) Budget tends to drive the final choices.

Normally I'd ask what resolution your son has (1920x1080 is most common) and what games, but I'll just toss out a suggestion to start off looking at a GTX 1060, 3GB.

Thes cards run around $220. Last week one was on sale for $180.

The stock Dell PSU has enough power to run a 1060. Some 1060 cards have a single 8 pin power connector, so you will need a $5 adapter that takes two six pin inputs and gives a single 8 pin output to power the card.

If this is out of your price range, the 1050 and 1050ti cards might fit the bill, but I would lean towards the 1060 as it will handle more games and stay relevant longer than a 950 or a 1050.

Good luck,

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RE: Xps 8700 graphics card upgrade

Dan-H, is there a particular version of the 1060 that you would recommend. I had no idea there were so many options, versions, brands... and I am overwhelmed.

(I posted this question in the big thread too, but wanted to ask you directly here since this is where I first landed)

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RE: Xps 8700 graphics card upgrade

I like the MSI gaming series with the twin frozr fans.

(Replace DOT with a . )

us DOT

EVGA and Asus are also solid cards. I've read some EVGA may not fit the 8700 case due to where they located the power connector.

here's a good site for watching prices.

www DOT

What is it you are doing that you want this upgrade? What programs and what resolution?

If it's gaming at 1080p (1920x1080) then a GTX 1060 is a solid card.  The GTX 1060  performs about the same as the GTX 970. I have an MSI GTX 970 gaming 4G in my non-dell workstation and it is really good.

I you are going to 4K resolution and doing any gaming, then a GTX1060 is not the right card, and perhaps the 8700 is not the right desktop.

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RE: Xps 8700 graphics card upgrade

I meant to add that the MSI GTX 1070, 1060 and GTX 970 gaming cards are identical in size, and I know first hand the MSI 970 fits without any issues.

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