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Instructions for adding a second and/or third Western Digital SATA HD to my new Dell XPS 8910

This query is addressed to Dell.  The XPS 8910 service manual does instruct how to install additional SATA hard drives in the XPS 8910.  My system has a 250Gb SSD boot drive and a 2 TB HD.  I must install two additional WD SATA HDs or return this system.  This is feasible in any XPS 8700 PC.  One would assume the same for an advanced version, or a stern warning that adding aftermarket HDs is not supported.  I assume that is not the case.

Please provide instructions on installing additional SATA drives internally in my XPS 8910 ASAP so I do not have to return the product.  Is this a high end, state of the art PC or not?

Thank you Dell, for your prompt response.

GLC on Kolelemook

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