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RE: Instructions for adding a second and/or third Western Digital SATA HD to my new Dell XPS 8910

When purchase a new hard drive there are basicly 2 types.  1-bare bones no sata cables. 2-these have a sata cable included.  The sata cables are only abou $2.00 at my local computer store.  I now do not add  any hard  drives to any machines i buy.  I instead use a 4 bay external hard drive enclosure and a 8 bay hard drive enclourse.  One for each machine.  The 4 bay can go up to 4 gig and the 8 bay up to 8 gig per drive.  Installing a sata drive in a newer computer is just putting the drive in a drive slot , hooking up a sata cable from drive to motherboard connector , and the power connector.  Nothing else needs to be done with the hardware install.

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