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RE: Instructions for adding a second and/or third Western Digital SATA HD to my new Dell XPS 8910

So, I decided to 'chat' with DELL customer service today to inquire about how to utilize this feature that they marketed when they sell  the XPS 8910 SE.

- Spend 48 minutes with chat first, then on phone hold  only to find out I was talking to sales people not technical.

- Another 15 minutes on phone only to find  out I was directed to a software person not hardware.

- Finally get redirected to a hardware technical person who after 20 minutes tell me I need a 6Gb/s cable but I need to call customer service during install to guide - FOR EXTRA $$ since I only have a basic warranty on this brand new computer.

- I asked the last guy then to email me his findings on the cable specs... NOPE he can't do that either.. I   need to call customer service to guide me through the install (for extra charge $$$)

So, basically DELL markets and sells a computer with features that you need to pay extra to utilize...  I think there is two words for that.. DECEPTIVE PRACTICES.  They market a feature, when selling you a product, and then deliberately omit any info how to use it unless you pay extra. PATHETIC is my opinion... DELL is NOT what it used to be ... anyone remember Gateway 2000 ... they'll follow the same fate.


You're getting exactly what you ordered. No where in any of the sales docs does it say you'll get an extra SATA cable or anything else.  And the PC is fully functional the way it comes from the factory.

Additional hard drives and other upgrades are strictly user options, that are not included in your original purchase price, and Dell doesn't install or warranty any upgrades you make. 

The basic warranty is 1 year for hardware and first 30 days for any software that Dell installed. If you want a 3-year warranty, that's available from Dell as an option at extra cost (but software is still only 30 days).

The only spec you need to know is that it's a SATA III cable. There are no other essential specs for that cable. Straight connector or right-angle connector, length, color, etc are all just personal preferences.  And as was said above, you can buy SATA III cables for a couple of bucks at a PC shop or on line.

If this is beyond your capabilities, pay your local PC shop to install the additional hard drive for you and stop whining...


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